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I can play the tabla, an Indian classical percussion instrument. I am a listener (with no claim to be an expert) of Indian Classical Music in general, and I collect recordings of the same. I am also a fan of fusion music of the Indian subcontinent, especially Coke Studio Pakistan and Nescafe Basement. If you have a collection of Indian Classical Music that you might wish to share in exchange for my collection, please get in touch here.


I read a lot of books but they are from a specific collection of genres, like science fiction, popular science, historical fiction, thrillers and fantasy. Under construction here is a list of books that are my personal favourites and what according to me makes them great.


Since joining college I have become a fan of several webcomics. They are mostly popular ones like xkcd, SMBC, Abstruse Goose, Zen Pencils, and Cyanide and Happiness.

Blogs and Links:

In my random procrastination spells on the Internet, I have often discovered some cool places to hang out, and I will try and provide some non-exhaustive documentation of the same.