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Hello world! So this is my second attempt at creating a blog. The first attempt has been locked down in the depths of the Internet and shall not be revealed till I am satisfied with this attempt. If I am not? Well, maybe there will be a new blog every six months, ad infinitum. Ah no, not an auspicious beginning!

My mid-semester recess is going on (please look at the ‘About’ page if you are curious why) and therefore my idle mind is under siege from all sorts of devils and their workshops. Therefore, the resurrection of the idea to make a blog. Cool, unpredictable world we live in, innit? I had to think of a title for this attempt, and came up with the one that you may already have noticed. All of that is my own creation, except the starting point, which was the line ‘New post every sometimes’. That has been lifted from my number one favourite blog of all time, Wait But Why (please check them out, it’s really, really cool). Nice way to get out of a posting schedule, right?

One word of warning, to round up this already long FirstPost… my Facebook bio had a line that read ‘PhD in PJs’. I really crack extremely unfunny (to others) jokes, and until recently posted them on Facebook, much to the chagrin of everybody on my friend-list. If anyone is triggered by pundemics arising from a bad sense of humour, I request you to please not read any posts here. Who knows when you will be surprised by a random PJ?

Update (June 13, 2020) The title has since changed from immensely long ‘Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Blog’ to the current title, and the subtitle is gone.

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